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Even though our showrooms are closed, our manufacturing is continuing at a reduced level. Our showroom teams are mainly working from home with reduced hours, but they can arrange to see you for a face to face appointment if you would like to book here or you can contact us as usual by phone, email or on the chat below. Contact Details. We thank you for your patience during these difficult times. View our COVID 19 Information

Churchyard Memorials

Our churchyard memorials are here to cater for the beautiful heritage we have in our churches and churchyards in the UK. Many of our churchyards can be places of deep peace and contemplation.

Churchyards provide connection with nature and a safe haven for flora and fauna, often in the midst of otherwise busy cityscape’s. For this reason there are usually much stricter rules for putting headstones up in a churchyard. Because of this Churchyard memorials are usually required to be made from local stones and slates, in order that they blend into the exisiting environment as seemlessly as possible.

As a fourth generation family business of stone masons, our collection of stone churchyard memorials is second to none in the UK. Our churchyard memorials collection comprises traditional stone memorial shapes commonly found across the UK in our beautiful and unique churchyards.

Churchyard Memorials

Bespoke Churchyard

We are proud to have been contributing to the majesty of our beautiful English churchyards for over 70 years.  Creating stunning carved stone memorials it is what we are proud of. Therefore our designers and stone carvers can work with you to create the perfect Churchyard memorial for your loved one.

Most churchyard authorities welcome imaginative design providing it complies with their overall aims of protecting the heritage of the churchyard. Our experienced staff can help you with the design selection and application to the authorities.

Should you wish to commission a special bespoke memorial for a churchyard area contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more information on our memorials or to speak with one of our friendly team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be honoured to assist you in creating a truly fitting bespoke memorial to remember your loved one by.