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Even though our showrooms are closed, our manufacturing is continuing at a reduced level. Our showroom teams are mainly working from home with reduced hours, but they can arrange to see you for a face to face appointment if you would like to book here or you can contact us as usual by phone, email or on the chat below. Contact Details. We thank you for your patience during these difficult times. View our COVID 19 Information

Cremation Memorials

Cremation  is now a more popular choice than burial in many parts of the world. This has changed some of our rituals around death and without the traditional headstone standing over the place of burial, it may be a bit more challenging to choose a means of memorialisation that can serve as a focal point for your grief. cremation memorials

However, this can also be an opportunity to think about the place you would most like to remember your beloved. Would you like a simple plaque to place in the crematorium, or would you prefer a stone with a beautiful poem or favourite saying carved into it to create a contemplation space in your garden?

As artisan manufacturers, we are flexible in working with you to ensure you can find the right option for you and your family. View below our offering for cremation memorials.


We are able to provide a number of different options for having a poignant keepsake/memorial that you can display in your home. This could be a beautiful piece of word art, a personally designed and hand made ceramic urn, or a sculpture with a space for ashes or a candle or tea light that can be lit when you want a quiet moment to think about your loved one. Talk to us about creating cremation memorial that reflect your loved one.


The garden can be a particularly poignant place to create a personalised space for contemplation, with a garden memorial providing a beautiful focal point. We are able to offer many options for creating a garden memorial, from a sculptural piece of stone, perhaps with some beautiful lettering of a favourite verse or quote, or maybe you would like a dramatic feature such as a hand carved totem incorporating elements that were important to the person you are grieving. Whatever you are thinking of, we would be delighted to work with you in creating the perfect cremation memorials for your loved one.


Working with designers, artists and craftspeople to create a unique and personalised memorial can be part of the ritual of bereavement and provide a space amongst a like minded community to help you to think deeply about the person you have lost, what they meant to you and how you want to honour the legacy and story of the person you are grieving for.

For more information on our cremation memorials or to speak with one of our friendly team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be honoured to assist you in creating a truly fitting bespoke memorial to remember your loved one by.