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Garden Memorials

Our gardens are often our greatest pleasure and safe haven. A place to connect to nature and to find a little peace in a busy world. What better place for a garden memorial, to put a special sculpture, urn or planter in remembrance.

This can take central stage as a focus for a celebrating the life of your loved one, or it could be the creation of an intimate contemplation area, personal to you and the memory of your loved one.

Stone Boulders and Plaques as Garden Memorials 

The art of lettering is one of our most ancient and important skills. It has long been considered an important discipline for meditation and connection to the spiritual realms, as seen in the beautiful manuscripts of the early Christian monks, the Islamic calligraphy seen on the walls and ceilings of mosques all over the world and the Tibetan Buddhist practice of writing letters from the Dalai Lama, such as those seen on prayer wheels. The fusion of art and language can create an opportunity to create something truly personal and abiding as a tribute to your loved one.

Benches and Totems as Garden Memorials

Our wood artists, can work with you to bring your ideas of garden memorials to life, perhaps a beautiful piece of wood carved into a bench, or your own totem pole for your home or garden.

Birdbaths and Other Garden Ornaments

We can create beautiful stone birdbaths, with the lettering of your choice carved into the base or top, choose from a favourite quote or verse, or maybe you would prefer the initials of your beloved carved discreetly into the stone.

Sundials as Garden Memorials

A sundial can be a stunning focal point for a garden. We can work with you to create a beautiful bespoke sundial in memory of the life you want to celebrate and the time you shared together.

garden memorials
garden memorials

Metal Sculptures and Gates

A garden memorial in metal might be a unique way of incorporating a cherished memory into your everyday life. Working with one of our metal artists to create a beautiful memorial within a gate or a metal sculpture for your garden, could provide you with a unique means of commemorating the life of your loved one.