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Even though our showrooms are closed, our manufacturing is continuing at a reduced level. Our showroom teams are mainly working from home with reduced hours, but they can arrange to see you for a face to face appointment if you would like to book here or you can contact us as usual by phone, email or on the chat below. Contact Details. We thank you for your patience during these difficult times. View our COVID 19 Information

Guide for Cemetery Memorials

Each Memorial is as unique as the individual, whose life we are celebrating, because of this, we follow a process to ensure that you receive a Memorial of the highest standard.




Select the shape of the memorial stone from our collections (in line with the cemetery rules and regulations):

Classic Shapes

Distinctive Shapes

Kerb Sets





Or alternatively speak to us about our bespoke service if there isn’t a design that suits your requirements.




Select the size of memorial that you require (in line with the cemetery regulations)




Select the material that you wish the memorial stone to be made from.


Ordering the Stone/Slate/Granite:


We import/procure the best quality granite, slate, Marble and Stone from all over the world as well as the UK.

Depending on the type of material you have chosen, this can take anywhere between 5 – 18 weeks.


Please be aware, that during certain parts of the year, imports can be affected by weather, which is the reason we are unable to commit to a guaranteed date for completion.




Select the ornamentation you wish to use on your memorial stone from our large collection or suggest something of your own that our design team can work on for you.


Once you are at this stage then we will ask you to place the order.




Inscription Layout and Approval:


All great inscriptions reflect the spirit of the person to whom it is dedicated, which can take time to put together.  For a lot of clients, this can be a difficult process, which we are always on hand to help and advise you with.


Once we are in receipt of your draft copy, we will arrange for a copy of the layout to be sent to you.


The final approved copy, free of any mistakes must be dated, signed and returned to us as this is the copy that the Stonemason will work to.


Please be aware, we will only accept hard copies, (scanned signed copies via email is acceptable). Often there are multiple drawings, so this avoids any confusion.




Choose the type of lettering that you would like and work with our designers to find the best solution for the type of stone you have chosen.




Permit Application Process:


We will apply for permission to supply & fit/carry out renovation works on your behalf to the appropriate Burial Authority, once we have your final copy of your inscription and design of your memorial.

Some Authorities have a very fast turnaround, but some are run by volunteers and can take longer to process and approve.  Please be aware that we are unable to proceed with any order until an approved signed permit has been returned to us from your local burial authority or Parish Council.


Please note, there is a separate cemetery application fee, charged by the local authority.  This is separate to our prices and can vary from cemetery to cemetery so once we are in receipt of your order, and if you require installation by us, we can advise you of this cost for application to the cemetery and upon receipt of payment and as the local authority approved mason we must apply on your behalf.   Where we are not installing for you, your local mason will be able to advise you on the cemetery application fee and apply on your behalf.




Proceeding to the Workshop:


Our designers will produce a mock up of your chosen design combination for you to check.  Once we are in receipt of a signed drawing, approved permit and the stone has been ordered, we are ready to send the full order/instruction to the workshop, at which point we will ask for any outstanding balance to be paid.

It is common for the material to still be in transit at this point.




Your Fitting Date:


We will be in touch with you once we have a scheduled date, this may be to request that you mark the grave for identification, where necessary.   The workshop and fitting team, work to a system of week commencing dates.






You will receive notification that we have completed your commission.  We are more than happy to arrange for a photograph to be emailed to you, if it is difficult for you to get out to visit.  A final receipted invoice and a copy of your Certificate of Compliance outlining the guarantee will be posted directly to your address.


Materials we use:


The materials we use for your memorial are made from natural resources excavated from all over the world.


The most dense of these materials is granite which is hard wearing and can be polished to a high finish.  The composition of granite is mostly quartz and feldspar but there are other minerals such as iron that make up the rest of the composition.  We most commonly use a Black Granite from India which has a fleck of iron ore as part of its composition.  It is common for the size and density of fleck to vary from one memorial to another and any sample we provide will only be indicative of the material that we will use for your memorial.  This is the same for all of the natural materials that we use.


We also manufacture memorials in Portland Limestone and York Stone which is a local Sandstone from our base in Yorkshire.  The Portland Limestone that is used for memorials is from the Jordans Basebed of the quarry.  The material is white/cream in colour and even though it has small grey shell fragments in the material it is the cleanest of the Portland Limestone products.  The shelling that is evident is dispersed evenly throughout the stone.  The finish on the stone is a rubbed, honed finish which will dull down over time.  Because it is a natural material any sample we supply is only indicative of the material and the material used for your memorial may differ slightly in tonality and composition (clusters of shelling or larger pieces of shelling).  This is not deemed as a fault and is part of the natural composition of the material.


York stone is the other most widely used material for our memorials.  Seen in Churchyards for many years it is a tight grained, carboniferous sedimentary rock. The stone consists of quartz, mica, feldspar, clay and iron oxides.   It is a lot warmer in tonality than Portland Limestone and being a sandstone is softer and lends itself to hand carving.  As with both granite and limestone its composition of various minerals means that although in general it is a clean looking material there can be fossils or larger pieces of quartz evident.  This is part of the natural composition and is not considered a defect.


Whatever material you choose please speak to our team for advise on what the most suitable material is for your requirements.